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Your lightbulb is out again. You have to get up to the fixture to unscrew it, all the while trying not to burn yourself. Then, you have to buy brand new bulbs every few months. They're a hassle to install, and you could even hurt yourself doing it. Not to mention that the electrical bill could be sky high. But there's a better way to light up your home.

The ClickBrite is a battery-operated, touch-light fixture that you can put anywhere. Not only is it touch operated and safe, but it's more than bright enough to match any bulb. With 80 lumens of light output, the ClickBrite is much brighter than other comparable tap lights. The ClickBrite can be installed on virtually any flat surface. To activate it, all you need to do is touch your finger to the metal pins on the ClickBrite and it'll turn right on. The inner tube can turn a full 180 degrees if necessary as well, which helps you keep full light coverage whenever you need it.

The ClickBrite requires three AAA batteries to operate, and replacing them is a cinch. This lets you use the ClickBrite anywhere in the household even if you don't have a light fixture linked with your electrical system. Save money on your electrical bill and light up your life with ClickBrite!

  • Touch light fixture that can be installed almost anywhere
  • Battery operated, needs 3 AAA batteries, does not require electrical line
  • Output of 80 lumens allows for excellent lighting
  • Saves energy and cuts down on electrical bill costs
  • 12 Month Warranty Service
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