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At least once a day, that dreaded time comes. There's always that particular kind of jar or bottle that just gives you a fit every time you try to pop it open. You come home from work after a long day, and your hands just seem to fail you. Worse, you have to dig through your cupboards looking for the right tool to pop that cap. Is the can opener in the dishwasher, or did someone stuff it in with the silverware? If this is a struggle you never want again, there's a new choice for you to make instead.

The JarMaster is the ultimate kitchen multi-tool of your dreams. With one utensil, you can open six different kinds of seals. Bags, safety seals, bottle caps, pull tabs, bottle tops or jar lids, the JarMaster can pop it all. No more struggling to find the right utensil for the job; just reach for the JarMaster and forget about struggling with tight lids or jars ever again.

The JarMaster was created to condense the use of all those different utensils into one, so you always know what to reach for if a container lid is giving you a fuss. Better yet, it's conveniently sized for travel so you can take it anywhere. Picnic, beach party or otherwise, the JarMaster will get the job done for all your lid-popping needs.

  • 6 in 1 kitchen multi-tool that opens pull tabs, lids, bottle caps, bottle tops, bags, and safety seals
  • Perfect gift for a spouse or loved one
  • Easy grip handle makes it a simple to use tool for children or people suffering from arthritis
  • Great travel item for parties, picnics or otherwise Affordable price, and great value for functionality
Tags: Home Kitchen
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