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SleepBrilliant 3D Eye Mask

SleepBrilliant 3D Eye Mask

SleepBrilliant 3D Eye Mask

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We all know that using an eye mask can lead to a more restful sleep, but finding the right one is difficult.

Most masks are flat, and when they are tied to the face the do not follow its contours. This flat design makes many sleeping masks uncomfortably tight across the eyes, and leaves gaps under the nose that let light seep in.

The answer to this problem is the SleepBrilliant 3D Eye Mask. This eye mask is made from molded 3D memory foam to seal out light without pressing on the nose or eyes. Check out some of the SleepBrilliant 3D Eye Mask's premium features.

- EYE SPACE. If you have ever had trouble sleeping or meditating using a traditional eye mask, you probably noticed that your eyes felt compressed or confined by it. That's probably because our eyes are always moving, especially when we enter REM sleep. Even though your eyes are closed, they need a little
space. The SleepBriliant 3D Eye Mask is molded to give extra room over the eyes.

- MEMORY FOAM. Other "premium" masks are often made of silk other fabric that doesn't have much stretch or flex. Our mask is made of a low rebound memory foam. The memory foam adjusts to the unique shape of your face, which makes for a more comfortable fit. The space filling technology also seals out light. Because the mask fills the spaces around your face, even areas that other masks cannot reach are blocked out by the SleepBrilliant masks comfortable foam.

- QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Worried about your fancy bedsheets? Although the SleepBrilliant 3D Eye Mask is black, the fabric used to create it is premium quality, and won't leach dye into even the whitest of sheets. The mask is constructed using a heat bond technology, making it sturdier and less lumpy than masks that are glued.

- ADJUSTABLE STRAP. The mask's adjustable strap at the back makes it easy to adjust, and will not tug at hair. The adjustment buckle lies flat to make sleep comfortable whether you sleep on your back, your side, or face down on your stomach. This makes the mask perfect for anyone in the family who needs an extra restful sleep, whether it's mom, dad, or even the kids.

- EASY TO CLEAN. Simply hand wash the mask in cold water with mild detergent and air dry. It is super low maintenance.

If you have been waiting for the right reason to try a sleeping mask again, this is your sign! Don't bother any more with other, less effective or less comfortable sleeping eye masks.

Try the SleepBrilliant 3D Eye Mask yourself to see all the benefits. You will be surprised by how much better you rest with this comfy and cozy blackout mask.

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