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WonderWool - Dryer Balls

WonderWool - Dryer Balls

WonderWool - Dryer Balls

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An effective and sustainable solution to drying clothes is the basis of the WonderWool Dryer Balls that help leave clothes fresh and soft after drying each time.

Cleaning clothes involves washing them and then drying them, usually both done in respective machines. In addition to putting clothes in the dryer and adjusting settings for load size and wetness level, dryer sheets can be added to help remove excess moisture and leave clothes dryer. At least that's how it's advertised. But conventional dryer sheets contain toxic chemicals and cause lint buildup in drying machines, reducing drying quality for later loads.

WonderWool Dryer Balls are made out of New Zealand sheep's wool, and are reusable without losing effectiveness, don't leave lint, contain no harsh chemicals, and save you money by saving time on drying loads and greatly reducing the need to buy new dryer sheets constantly. They also save you the hassle of cleaning out the lint collector and the penalty of forgetting to do so. They gently massage your clothes while drying them so as to dry them without drying them out or damaging them, and using them is just as simple as, and even more efficient than, putting a dryer sheet in with your clothes prior to drying.

  • Sustainable, natural & non-toxic
  • No lint buildup
  • Dries but does not damage clothes
  • Reusable
  • Saves time & hence money per drying cycle
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