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Polar Mini

Polar Mini

Polar Mini

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Staying cool and comfortable in the summer, wherever you are, is now possible. The Polar Mini delivers cool and moist air on demand so you can enjoy your time.

When the higher temperatures come, it can be draining. You want to feel great and cool so you can enjoy the season. Many people are working from home and spending more time indoors. Some people have trouble going to sleep at night because of the heat. Having a Polar Mini in a home work area, bedside or ready in other key rooms, is a great cooling solution.

Would you rather be outdoors in the summer evenings? The refreshing benefits of Polar Mini can also be extended to your porch or patio. Just plug in near you, and experience immediate heat relief. No need to be limited by the temperature; create your own cool area.

  • The Polar Mini uses evaporation technology that removes heat and produces cool air.
  • The Polar Mini purifies the air using a water curtain to filter dust particles.
  • Discounted pricing on multiple units allows each family member to have one.
  • Easy to install; just add water and plug it in.
  • Immediate relief from intense heat.
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