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HomeAlert Alarm System

HomeAlert Alarm System

HomeAlert Alarm System

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Protecting yourself, your family and friends, and keeping your belongings safe is important.

Whether you want an alarm system for your home, or just want to feel safer while travelling, you can install your own alarm to a window or door in just minutes without complicated tools or hardware.

The HomeAlert Home Protection Alarm is a magnetic home alert system that can be installed on any door or window in just minutes. Just stick one of the HomeAlert Home Protection Alarm's magnets to the door and another to the frame.

When the magnets lose connection to each other as the door opens, a super loud 120 db alarm sounds.

Since our alarm doesn't use damaging screws or mounting hardware, you can use it anywhere. Use it at home to keep burglars out (or your kids inside) or use it while you're travelling for an extra sense of security.

Don't worry about the magnets falling off, either. Our adhesive is super strong so you can be certain of your 24 hour security.

A home alarm is great for more than just home security too! If you have children, you can install a HomeAlert Home Protection Alarm to windows and doors to make sure they don't sneak out.

If you have a forgetful elderly family member, installing a HomeAlert Home Protection Alarm can help remind them to keep windows and doors closed, and prevent them from wandering off.

Simply put, the HomeAlert is an easy way to give yourself peace of mind.

  • Super loud 120 db alarm is as loud as a clap of thunder
  • Adhesive magnets won't hurt windows, doors, or trim
  • Can be used at home, in a dorm room, in a hotel or rental, even in an RV or camper
  • Great for keeping children from sneaking out
  • Can help remind elderly people to close windows and doors
  • Easy to install, it only takes 2 minutes to set up
  • A secret side switch disarms the alarm quickly, but isn't noticeable to intruders

Protection is as easy as peel and stick with the HomeAlert Home Protection Alarm. Whether you want to keep yourself, your loved ones, or just your belongings safe, our home protection alarm is a great way to boost the security around your home or anywhere you might stay.

The simple magnetic design is easy to install, and the subtle switch makes it easy for owners to disarm if there's a false alarm.

Thanks to the super loud 120 db sound, it can be heard from 750 feet away, scaring off any potential burglars and alerting you immediately.

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