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EcoSponge does three cleaning jobs with one handy tool, and it cleans itself in the process. It’s a sponge for washing dishes, a scrubber for removing stubborn messes, and a scraper for pealing up stuck-on debris.

Manufactured of sturdy silicone materials, the EcoSponge dries quickly and resists mildew. It makes cleaning a breeze with its built-in soap dispenser that applies the liquid with a gentle squeeze. It takes the place of cellulose sponges and regular dish clothes that can spread germs and develop unpleasant odors because they hold water. EcoSponge rinses clean with each use and reduces the spread of germs.

EcoSponge is suitable for use wherever cleaning goes on. Use it for regular cleaning tasks in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, shop, and garage. Use it to sanitize the baby nursery. Use it in the greenhouse to clean caked-on mud from garden tools or boots. Use it to wash the dog. Use it to remove labels that are glued onto various products. Use it to refresh luggage that has begun to show its age. Use it as a paintbrush with craft projects. The EcoSponge makes a great gift for all occasions. Order today for yourself and a friend.

  • Made of durable silicone material
  • Contains a convenient pocket to hold liquid soap
  • Molded grip fits comfortably for women, men and children
  • Easy-to-use size (approximately 6”x3”)
  • Dries quickly
Tags: Home Kitchen
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