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Sooner or later, Cleaning Day comes up. You can't put it off too long, or the house starts to look like a disaster. You get out all of your supplies. Your usual broom is clumsy. It doesn't get all the dirt from the corners and it's a pain in the neck to sweep around with. Not to mention the awful swiffer and squeegee you have to use to get that tough muck up. Cleaning Day is the ultimate time waster. Well, no more. There's a great new product that can handle your cleaning needs.

The BetterBroom is a cleaning tool that combines the functionality of a broom, mop, vacuum and squeegee in one package. The specialized, electrically-charged bristles allow you to naturally pull out crud from tough nooks and corners that a regular broom can't reach. They also allow the BetterBroom to work on any surface and with virtually any kind of stain or spill. Regular brooms have a short lifespan and are almost impossible to clean, but the BetterBroom is built to last and easy to wash.

The BetterBroom is an all-in-one tool that lets you toss out your straw bristle broom. You might as well get rid of that swiffer, and the vacuum. The BetterBroom pays for itself and then some by helping you cut costs while cleaning the house in record time.

  • 3-for-1 value. Sweeps, cleans and squeegees floor with specialized rubber bristles
  • Durable, easy to clean, and can work on any surface
  • Design focused on ease of use and flexibility to get even the most difficult to reach spots
  • Great for cleaning pet hair and other messes, wet or dry
  • Cost effective, saves time and money compared to similar cleaning tools like swiffers
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