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Languages of Love - Spiral Love Chest

Languages of Love - Spiral Love Chest

Languages of Love - Spiral Love Chest

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Spiral Love Chest is the fast, easy, and fun way to enliven your presentation of jewelry and other small gifts for that special someone.

Jewelry commercials are full of people proposing and presenting a plain, black velvet jewelry box. While this might merely seem like the way such things are done, it's really only the way to do things if you want your date fast asleep in a few minutes. Fortunately, the Spiral Love Chest is here to keep you both awake while you shake things up a bit. It's time to break the monotony and make your presentation as monumental as the event itself.

The Spiral Love Chest is so fun that you'll want to give it a whirl right away. This red metal container garnished with a black and white swirl on top shows that you're already thinking outside of the box. One quick flick of the wrist sends the swirl whirling right into their heart. It's time to make your proposal as impressive as your proposed life together.

  • Eye-catching round shape.
  • Bright, shiny red metallic finish.
  • Eye-catching black and white swirl on top.
  • Conveniently palm-sized for surprise presentations.
  • One quick turn moves the spiral for the big reveal.
Tags: fashion
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