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Home security is important. Every household needs some way to deter would-be thieves or burglars. Not all of these options are affordable. Door cams and home camera systems can cost you hundreds of dollars, and not all of them work as well as you like. Sometimes, the best answer is to shine some light on the trouble.

The SpotBright is an outdoor motion sensor light that runs on solar power. Running in a dim light mode, the SpotBright kicks on when it detects any motion within 26 feet of the sensor. It comes with 42 white LEDs and 2 red LEDs, which provide an outstanding degree of illumination. Both the solar panel and the light lamp can be adjusted. The solar panel has 360 degrees of rotation, while the lamp head can be rotated 90 degrees. This lets you get the most coverage on the light while also allowing the panel to be at the ideal angle for collecting sunlight.

The SpotBright is water-proof to protect it from the day-to-day potential of inclement weather while it provides security to your home. It can be installed as a fixture to another structure such as a garage, or deployed all on its own in the yard. The SpotBright doubles as a landscape lighting fixture as well to help illuminate patios, porches and gardens. Get the SpotBright today to keep your home safe!

  • 2-in-1 Motion Sensor and Landscape Light with 42 white LEDs, 2 red LEDs
  • Solar Powered, environmentally conscious, intelligent design to make the most of stored energy
  • Simple installation, adjustable fixtures to help create optimal light coverage
  • Water and heat resistant treatment to provide durability
  • Warranty available to protect quality, lifetime tech support option
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